Saturday, 10 January 2015

Green and Clean Smoothie

Well it's a new year and with that, inevitably, comes a whole load of resolutions that, if you're anything like me, have already been broken. Overhauling your fitness and diet regime is probably the most common resolution that people make, yet very few people stick it out. Frankly, healthy diets and exercise shouldn't just be for January; they should be a lifestyle choice that becomes second nature as opposed to making you feel like you've signed your life away. 

The whole Christmas and New Year period often ends up being centered around food and booze which, during times when I used to be way too hard on myself, I found terrifying but I've learnt to just let go and enjoy the time where it is socially acceptable to overindulge! The way I see it now, the more gin and prosecco I can chuck down my neck, the better (although I have to admit, I still feel a bit ropey after new years eve... I'm definitely the wrong side of 25). 
Anyway, if you can't beat them, join them. I have stumbled across a smoothie recipe which I think is great for helping you feel a bit more revitalised. You can almost feel your body thanking you! As green smoothies go, I have to say this one is pretty nice. I've certainly had a lot worse. The avocado gives it a creamy consistency whilst the ginger is amazing for aiding you digestion. You should think of all the ingredients acting to counteract all the crap you've put in your poor little bodies for the past few weeks. 

As I said, a healthy diet should be part of an everyday lifestyle but, if you're stuck with where to start, then why don't you give this green machine a try.

You Will Need:
-1/4 cucumber
-1/2 handful spinach leaves
-1/2 avocado
-1 celery stalk
-1cm piece fresh ginger
-1 kiwi fruit
-300ml water
-1/2 apple
-squeeze of lemon juice

All you need to do is blend the ingredients together in the blender. Easy! For added nutritional value, you can leave the skin on the cucumber. A 1cm piece of ginger should suit most people but, if you like more of a kick, I would definitely recommend adding more.

If this one isn't to your liking, the internet is in total abundance of recipes like this so it won't be hard to find one you prefer. The advantage of smoothies like this is that they are incredibly nutrient dense and so easy to make. Give it a go!


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